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Linen Matte Gold Printed Blazer


Printed Linen summer blazer with khaki color trousers. . A hip long italian cut blazer can be  paired with Plain matching straight legged pants, giving you the perfect summer vibes and fresh style.

Perfect for crisp summer suits, it can also be used to create office separates that are easily mixed and matched. To create the most casual expression of a suit, linen suiting is your best choice to increase breathability, but still remain polished.  

  •  Linen Fabric – Printed
  • Linen suits breathe well in warm temperatures, making it a popular choice for both and indoor day at the office, and outdoors events.


  • Premium Linen Fabric
  • Hip length
  • Peak Collar
  • No Back Cut (Italian cut)

  • Length and style can be customised as per your preference below.
  • Model is wearing size M (Italian Cut – Hip Length)

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