Hail women comes as a breath of fresh air- it is your guide for choosing the best woman work wear offering a variety of western styles designed specifically for the Indian woman Hail women symbolism boldness, fierceness, confidence and that ‘never -say- never’ attitude a woman can bring to the fore with her dressing sense. We craft each single piece to suit all kind of curves with the perfect fit, which we always crave for when it comes to formal/work wear.

In today’s workplace, it is style and comfort that guides wardrobe decisions for women. With increasing number of women in workforce, and growing economic independence, women’s western wear is gaining traction wherein it gives an inner strength . Power dressing is all about how you stand apart from the clutter and it conveys your personality. Hail women ensures that you have the aforementioned plus perfect body fit formals.

The designs are versatile- they consist of range of smart, sleek dresses keeping in mind the needs of the modern corporate girl: Fabrics that are wrinkle-proof, machine-washable, stretchable, silhouettes that befit working woman of all age and positions, business woman, freelancers, B.schools aspirants etc who are “stylish people and corporate fashionistas.”

We know that just like your elevator pitch, your first impression matters. We excel at spotting emerging trends and working on the right fit. We understand that the day is not just 9 to 5- there are lot of things encompassing in daily routine and one needs to wear clothing that will make you confident and maneuver around easily to get through the day. Hail Women focuses on premium quality clothes that allow women to go from the meeting room to social engagements spanning work to evening wear, and offering casual elegant collections such as smart casuals. The fabrics are unique and high end with subtle feminine detail.

At Hail Women, we are not just giving you only the varieties of option and designs for your business suits but also a plethora to choose and experiment with – typically like a look book which shows an array of choices- straight pants with a blazer /ciggrate pants or a skirt suit.

There is always an endeavor to add oomph because at Hail Women our goal isn’t the dress but a Damsel in the prettiest dress.(That’s you.)